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Vampire Blow

So much to do. People to see. Places to go. Things to book. Its a lot yo. Yes, still. We are just bleating on and on and ooonnnnn endlessly about how how ruddy bogged down we permanently seem to be. Are you getting bored of our shit yet? The traffic numbers would suggest otherwise, given that we’ve already passed last year’s total site visits and we’re not quite done with 2015 just yet. Also, advertisers seem to be getting in touch thick and fast. That’s nice. According to one of them, given our traffic, we’re worth about $80-$150 USD per week right now, depending on placement and frame size of the advert in question. That’s nice. It would involve having to give space to shit like….dunno, books or something. What books? Dunno. There are distinct reasons we have elected to keep ourselves off the Hype Machine and evade offers of advert placements (although once we did consider having one about a car, but we were only willing to do so if the people concerned actually gave us the car in question. They were pretty adamant), and ironically its so we can do what the fuck we want, or more to the point say whatever we like. Which is, for now, banging on about how busy and important we obviously are. Joining us in the ostensible (there you go Jez – we made it at least 10 blog posts before we used that word again) not-giving-a-fuck journey are Copenhagen trio Vampire Blow. Excellent name. Copenhagen is in Denmark. We met some Danes at Primavera recently and got into a pretty deep conversation with one called Matilda about our personal fears of the prospective withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. Which was nice. We’re sure Vampire Blow are very nice too and have a wicked-cool sense of humour, given their choice of imagery by way of aesthetic, and also their rather tongue-in-cheek video for Track Of The Day (there has been a more recent release from these guys, but we’re just digging this one way too much) Gimme Some which looks like a spicy combination of Kung Fury (so, Tron, basically) meeting the video for Queens Of The Stone Age‘s Go With The Flow. Anyway, these guys are playing lots of festivals and A&R Rhi played them to us and we’ve decided that they’re real good, in a Black Keys slamming Tame Impala tunes kinda way. Spaced-out garage rock. Boom.


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