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The St Pierre Snake Invasion
“Call The Coroner”

The St Pierre Snake Invasion

Big day. Big night. Big weekend, non Radio 1-related (chortlechortleshittiestjokeeverloletc). How’s it all going? Got that Friday feeling yet? We have actually had to be reminded as to which day this is exactly. They’re starting to blur together. Genuinely convinced it was Thursday upon waking, which really didn’t make the tailor very happy when we strode in 20 minutes late for a wedding suit fitting as a result this damp-ass morning. We seem to be inundated with people moaning about things lately – which sucks, because usually our job, but doubly so in these more recent instances given that the fuckers are getting paid. We do shit for free for people all the time, and we still get moaned at for that. Maybe we’ll form our own union. Can’t get more unified than one person, right? Speaking of unity, these guys who go by the monicker The St Pierre Snake Invasion – one of the fruitier names that we’ve encountered in recent times, most likely in homage to an event that we know little-to-nothing-about, although our rather out-there imagination suggests this might be a reference to the patron saint of Ireland with a distinctly Gallic twang to it all – seem pretty together, both in terms of their perfectly piss-takey alignment in both posture and speech (we just spent a good 5 minutes having a personal chuckle at most of their online/social networky commentary which rival our own in terms of overall blatheringness. We’re a little late on this one. By about two-and-a-bit years by our current reckoning. Blame A&R Rhi, she only played them to us the other day, presumably due to an all-round brilliant performance at the recently-happened 2000 Trees Festival. We’ve never been. A bunch of people keep telling us it is quite good. Perhaps we’ll go. Exuding DIY power to the core, there’s very little about The St Pierre Snake Invasion that we can’t see ourselves getting behind, so we reckon you should probably have to as well. It is only fair. Enjoy this McClusky-via-Les Savy Fav-via-The Bronx-via-Youth Man spicy bugger. Have a great weekend too. Yeah, do all those things.


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