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Premiere: Annabel Allum

Annabel Allum

We got home at 10pm last night. 10-fuggin-pee-em. We’re up to our proverbial bean bags in it right now. Turns out a Record Of The Day feature for one artist you work with; a 6 Music playlist for another; a prominently-produced record for another; and a top 20 record in a couple of territories for one more all culminates in a lot of number-withheld calls to your mobile (how the fuck do so many people we have our number by the way? Seriously, give it a rest) and generally people wanting to know about all the shit that you’ve been trying to tell them about for some time anyway. Not that we’re complaining. Except that we are. Good problems to have, innit. We imagine that’s pretty much what is about to happen to current Track Of The Day’er Annabel Allum for whom we have the pleasure of premiering the title track from her forthcoming EP entitled Absent. Gotta hand it to A&R Rhi for this one – indeed, the aforementioned record is due out on Rhi’s very own Till Deaf Do Us Party (a slight indicator as to why she got hired) label on the 10th August, which is kinda soon. But not soon enough. We wish you could hear the rest of this record because it is the same kind of imaginative, ethereal indie penned by a clearly under-utilised songwriting powerhouse that got loads of people excited about Bon Iver, Daughter and Soak. And that look is the strongest we’ve ever seen since we became pretty ingrained into the whole Orange Is The New Black. Prepare to lose thy shit, A&R peepy-toms.

Annabel Allum – Absent

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