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Los & The Deadlines
“Feel At Ease”

Los & The Deadlines

Bloody hell. Weekend? Didn’t happen, yo. We were busier on the weekend than we were on the two-ish days previous. Seriously. We actually ran out of shit to do. Almost as if we were being punished for being too efficient. Or perhaps we were fucking things up and not realising it? Looked at our to-do list. Hmmmmm. Nope. Everything has been sorted. Accounts, they all up to date? Sure. Accountants say “yeah, you idiot. You did that ages ago”. Story checks out. Surely, there must be something? We’re all lubed up and ready to get stuck into both of our wedding band rehearsals – and as we type this, we find ourselves wincing at the rather inconveniently-located blisters that have materialised over the course of the aforementioned (the rehearsal, rather than the lube), so enough with the wise cracks that we’re either shit at drums or play like an asshole. Well, all our “where did all the work go” prayers had seemingly been answered by the gods of ball-aches today when they saw fit to send all kinds of shit our way when they KNEW we’d be up to something else entirely. Thanks, you gods. Although it was really, really, ridiculously good stuff so that makes us happy. And on that pretty long-winded note, here’s new London outfit Los & The Deadlines and their new-ish aptly-named Track Of The Day called Feel At Ease. Vaz slung em over. We fucking love Vaz. We mean, how can you not love this guy? Especially when he’s sending across this kind of stuff that is oh-so-very-hard to nail down in terms of, y’know, what it is. But hey, we’ve got a big mouth and we like to use it, so LET’S DO THIS. There appear to be at least four members of Los & The Deadlines, one of which we have to assume is Los, and the remaining three being his deadlines. This is exactly the sort of stuff we used to pick up in the vinyl section of HMV back in the day when we were trying to keep up with our mate Ralph in terms of vinyl-buying and/or charity-shopping street cred; a time we like to think of the post-My Vitriol age. Not that we think that these guys sound anything like My Vitriol. No no. We think they sound like Let’s Wrestle (RIP), Untitled Musical Project (haven’t seen anything from them in ages, so we’re gonna go ahead and assume that’s another RIP), and the greatest band that never was called The Once Over Twice (definitely fucking RIP). Major labels might not get this. But, y’know, fuck ’em.

Los & The Deadlines – Feel At Ease


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