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Nova Heart

Too. Many. Festivals. This. Weekend. You’ve got Latitude (and indeed Longitude, which we kinda wish we were at. We’ve never had an artist on our record label playing the main stage at quite-a-big festival before, so that’ll be nice. Or rather it would be. We’re sure it will still be nice. Niccccccccccccccccccccccce). Uhhhhhhhhh, Lovebox. Apparently that’s still a thing. Citadel, that’s apparently a new thing. And 2000 Trees, which A&R Rhi seemed awfully perplexed as to why we are not attending. Indeed, we’re not going to any of ’em. And for why? Well, because we need to rehearse like a fucking bastard ourselves owing to how we have to play an actual set at our friends’ wedding a week from now. It isn’t really for our benefit either. We and the bass player have been at it for a couple of months now. Nailed that endless NOFX-style drumming ages ago. The human foot-pedal returneth. Turns out our singer and guitarist need the extra hours, so that means WE have to give up our MORNINGS (apparently they exist over the weekends) to sort THEM out, kinda. Another chapter in our life of courage. So that meant that we got what would have been our Friday/Saturday kicks out of the way yesterday instead. Went and saw Korn. Nu-metal man-fleshy sweaty bastards. It was fucking boom. As a result, we have spent most of today in a perpetual state of gorm, which we hope to lift shortly as our mate Cara is en route to watch us eat chicken at Joe’s Kitchen in Kentish Town for the first time, although she won’t become aware of this for another 30 minutes or so. So now seems like an appropriate time to blather on about current Track Of The Day Lacklustre No. (presumably short-hand for “number”, as opposed to just flat-out denying any sort of lacklustrey behaviour) from Nova Heart. Ben has been bugging us to write about this lot ever since he put them on at the Kings Sessions a few weeks ago, and between us and you he’s a bit annoyed that we didn’t actually make it down to the show at all. Why is not important. We are permanently up to super-important things that means that we end up in the office till about 9/10pm-ish and then we’re too tired to basically do anything. Anyway. Nova Heart are from China. Ben tells us they’re, like, the biggest indie band in China. We have little evidence to the contrary so we will take that as fact. They’ve just come off the tail-end of a UK tour that involved playing several London shows, including ours, and Glastonbury as well. They’re pretty perfect for us right now because they require extremely little effort to get into. Laid-back bass-core indie is what we shall dub thee, Nova Heart. We’re talking along the lines of The Cure, The XX and Ladytron. Perhaps even FKA Twigs too, in the context of award-winning and super-enticing performing arts tendencies, except with perhaps more than one song. Oooooh yeah, we went there. Weekend. Enjoy it. Eid mubarak to those who are into that sort of thing.


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