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Venice Trip

Hey, you know what’s cool about your one-month-old iPhone 6? Definitely not it’s ability to fuck us right up, that’s for sure. We started the day so fresh as well. Got over our feeling-sort-of-violated situation last night by sinking a few jars with our boy Jerry and our beautiful Finnish ladyfriend (apologies, promise-to-ourselves-not-to-drink-during-the-week. But fuck you at the same time, we needed it, which is what “they” all say we guess), and also a ruddy good night’s sleep. We had a great staff meeting, during which we had a recount of all the fantastic shit that has been and currently still is going down much to our own personal delight. We didn’t have a go at anyone or huff and/or puff in anyone’s generally direction, which is somewhat rare. Shit, we MUST have been in a good mood huh? But indeed, all good things must come to an end. Somewhat surprisingly, unlike our debut encounter with phone fuck ups (despite popular opinion amongst our peers, weirdly down to our fucked-up fast food habit, we do actually take pretty good care of our shit) during Primavera, we did not freak out like a little bitch. We got our ass down to the shop in Westfield, did the whole waiting-forever-thing, and ended up buying then reading the first few chapters of that Alan McGee book where he generally talks about people he met for the first time, then hated, and now is pretty much bezzie mates with all of them now. Which leads us nicely in terms of nomenclature to current Track Of The Day Look Forward – both in terms of our recent rediscovery of books and the aforementioned’s general subject matter, as well as us giving ourselves some serious props for not acting like a dick due to a simple phone meltdown, and of course other things – which has arrived to us via the band vessel in form of Venice Trip. We have been hit up by no fewer three parties – namely, the PR, the manager and Pearse Grady who just likes to email us about these sorts of things from time to time – which generally, in other circumstances, would actually put us off. Such are the inevitable pitfalls of feeling like you’re being sold something. Which is cool, in this case, because that thing we are being sold is actually fucking rad. These guys have been bigged up by all sorts – Line Of Best Fit and Clash to name a couple – which is very nice indeed. We guess we are now bigging them up too, which is also nice. Venice Trip are not from Venice. They are from Laaaaaaaaaaandaaaaaaaaaan. They look legit as hell and seemingly play like it too. Look Forward is the title track of an EP they’ve recently released and which is also serving as the platform upon which they’re playing a bunch of shows, including some kinda Old Blue Last show recently. We were obviously too busy dicking around with our phone to notice the psych-elements like Temples meshed with indie-rock stylings like Interpol and The Walkmen eminating from these dudes. Which suggests we should probably break our phone intentionally from time to time, if only to force us to actually to really, really use the senses we were born with, with a bit more oomph. Innit. Let’s all toddle on down to their next live show at The Barfly on 28th July, shall we?


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