“Already Dead”/”Whole Wide World”

PANGS“Did you get enough sleep last night [mate]?” a large tattooed Birmingham man in the office just asked us (reason “mate” is in square brackets is because he used our real name. Which most people who read this fuckin’ thing and/or those who can seriously be arsed to use a plethora of search engines probably know already, at the risk of seeming even more-forward and presumptuous than we know we already are. Also everyone knows loads of Brummies say “mate” anyway, so its fine). “I’m not getting the usual great aura from you”. We dunno. Did we? Pretty sure we did. Pretty sure we slept like a fucking king. We dreamed of many great things – ranging from how well our flat-buddy Tim is getting on as he toddled off to Scotland really early/late last night (depends how you look at things, you see) to boom it up with Lower Than Atlantis at T In The Park to, dunno, Star Trek probably. It has, in fairness, been a trying week however. Many loose ends needed tying up; furtherance of projects we started working on some time ago and edging ever close to the implementation bit; and commencement of new ones that we are, as ever, pretty psyched about. But yeah, it is still knackering. The last bit of editorial musical groping from us for this week comes from Nashvillians PANGS, who not only sound rad but also have cleared up our very own personal quest to suss out whether pangs itself is indeed an actual word. Seriously. We have all sorts of people claiming that they suffer from chest pangs. Other people say, “nah, its chest pains, you dummy”. It is all rather confusing. Anyway. PANGS. We read somewhere quite briefly just now that they used to be called another band entirely up until, well, now we guess. We can’t remember what the other band was called. Doesn’t matter. Live in the now, innit. And right now, these guys are straddling the glorious line between The Pixies with a somewhat-synthy undertone, Los Campesinos! and a bit o’ Slow Club. There is also something kidultingly charming about this, say in the same vein as Courtney Barnett. Says who? Says we. Don’t fuck with us, we’re sleep deprived. Have a super weekend. Buy records at the Independent Label Market, or something.

PANGS – Already Dead

PANGS – Whole Wide World

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