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Walking Shapes

Howdy howdy howdy. Good weekend? There was lots and lots going on huh. Lots of Wireless Festivalling. A lot of people trying to break in; a highlighted media factoid that cannot help itself but have a smack of the London riots of yesteryear; although we’re pretty sure we’ve seen that kinda shit being pulled in a number of festivals up and down the land since the dawn of humanity, so we cannot really invest into the mentality that genre or indeed anything else verging on delving into the more controversial areas of political correctness in terms of accounting for why a group of people might want to bust into this festival site in particular. In certain contexts, like Glastonbury, breaking into a festival is almost deemed part of the experience. At the same, we personally haven’t witnessed a gathering of people literally trying to batter down a wall to gain access into an event before. Pretty scary for the festival staff, we can imagine. We actually quite enjoyed our Friday mooching-around-while-Draper-basically-did-everything stint on the Friday, although as soon as A$AP Rocky came along in his very-shouty-and-not-very-rappy ensemble, there was a noticeable increase in atmospheric aggression. We guess you can’t quite twerk to A$AP. Turns out literally anyone can to their immediate line-up predecessor Major Lazer, whether for better or worse. Anyway. In other news, analogous to the sudden change in crowd mood that day, today is way more nippy compared to last week. The office is a bit more quiet; focused, rather more so than we have noticed in previous weeks. Not necessarily a bad thing, just different, and perhaps rather welcome in terms of the shitloads everybody must have on at this point in time. The contrast in moods and atmospheres is soundtracked rather nicely by this Track Of The Day Winter Fell (WE KNOW, GAME OF THRONES FANS) which we caught the proverbial wind of about this time last week when Amazing Radio Jon gave us a spin of a mystery track by Walking Shapes who penned the track in question about a year ago. It will never fail to dwindle us; the latent and very radial effect that a new track can have, and how long it takes to reach certain people. Shit, the name Walking Shapes just sounds so familiar, doesn’t it? And yet we cannot recall ever coming across this before. Which means that either we are terrible at our job, or someone else is. Or both. Anyway, we’re here now, and very much enjoying the lazed-out paces of this very tropical-infused bitta indie-rock. Think The Drums and The Strokes – two very popular bands. Ben reckons they sound like Two Door Cinema Club. Perhaps this is an indication that these guys are indeed on a similar path to the aforementioned.


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