“Diving Bell”


Hey! Warm innit! So warm in fact that the internet in the office has decided to give up on life (fibre optic as well. Huh) so what you are witnessing now is the literary prowess of, well, us being harness by the inevitably power of 4G. That’s right. We’re data-tethering the absolute fuck out of this beauty, and this makes us feel that our £50 a month all-you-can-eat style mobile package has indeed been worth it despite the almost-inexcusable (the excuse as we understand it is that every other mobile phone/network provider is fucking the rest of the world, so that makes it alright) international charge rates that we took a financial fucking for in recent months. Tell you what though; with the open skies over London yesterday, thereby allowing the direct sunlight to impact on us all – and more importantly the asphalt in the streets that have turned out to be the most heat-retaining and -eminating thing of ALL TIME – we actually prefer this kind of humidity. We burn too, y’know. Positively burning up our soundtrack for this tropical concrete jungle we find ourselves in are new-ish guys-and-a-girl SuperGlu. They are from a brilliantly-named place called Manningtree in Essex. We listened to them a while ago in passing. Then we heard it again as the mystery track on the Amazing Radio panel that we did last night with Jon “Big” Mac, which reminded us of the time that we listened to them before in passing and made us think of how we should probably pay a lot more attention to them in passing in the future because current Track Of The Day Diving Bell is fucking great. Even Ben thinks so. He listened to it just now, and mid-way took his headphones off to say “yeah, I like this”, accompanied by a whistful smile alluding to how he likes it a great deal more beyond just, y’know, “liking” it. A quick-run by intern A&R Rhi, and she informs us she was involved in some kinda live booking process with these dudes recently. Too many stars aligning here. Too many mental comparisons to our New Moons Volume III faves The OBGMs. And The Pixies, we’re pretty sure we said something about The Pixies yesterday. We’re absolutely delighted that this has already received a commercial release via Antigen Records; and that these guys are in fact going to be playing Latitude Festival. Which is quite soon. Which is nice.

SuperGlu – Diving Bell

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