“Karma (Is Coming To Get You)”


We’ve got a serious problem. Yeah, har har, but yeah seriously we’ve got a problem. Upon waking, we could only think and understand others in the form of drum noises. We think it is something to do with absolutely crushing the living fuck out of Panic Studios’ fairly standard-issue-albeit-probably-in-the-best-nick-we’ve-seen-of-late Pearl Export for about 3 or 4 hours (felt like the latter) to varying degrees of success in terms of playing the bits we actually intended and/or wanted to play – and also quite possibly the sheer amount of people continuously asking us for things every five seconds. We mean, we ask other people for shit too, but we play the timing game relatively well in accordance with digesting the implied convention of give-and-take, whereas other people around us take the fucking piss. So, in order to cope, we replace their request with drums, or indeed the noises thereof. For example, when someone goes “Oh hey, do you reckon you could….”, instantly the crash-bang-baddaboom-b’tish kicks in, and suddenly it doesn’t seem so piss-takey. Just sounds like drums. And actually it sounds way better that way. Other things that are sounding real good to us right now also include these guys called Shiners, as exemplified by current Track Of The Day Karma (Is Coming To Get You). They sound like lads with feelings, which is cool. From the briefest of glances at their wonderfully positioned social networks, we can deduce that Shiners have spent a sizable chunk of 2015 getting bigged up by other online outlets similar to this one; getting real chummy with The Bohicas in terms of supporting them at a recent Oslo (London, not Norway) show; and dropping marginally-cryptic imagery alluding to how they’re probably gonna drop a new video – quite possibly for Karma… – or some impressive new imagery. Who knows. Somebody, probably. All we know, or rather think, is that fans of Blur and/or Caesars might dig on this. And at least one of those bands has a lot of fans.

Shiners – Karma (Is Coming To Get You)

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