“Growing Up”


Feels like we haven’t written on this bugger for a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeal long time. It’s that whole resonance effect thingy. A moment passes on Planet Killing Moon; seemingly a million moments pass elsewhere. Or is it the other way round? Dunno. Too tired. Which is a bit shit for a Monday isn’t it; and doubly so given the amount of stuff we’ve got to get through. Anyway, how the fuck are you? Good weekend? Ours was eventful ta. We played some Jurassic Park-influenced (but not named) golf on Friday to celebrate getting our whole company shareholding back, which was a bit like having our soul reconstituted – both in terms of the cause for celebration and the celebration itself. We had some mad nostalgia trip upon acting on the month-old promise to our parents that we would clear out a seemingly endless mountain of emo shit from their loft – where we used to live and indeed started Killing Moon from – and were delighted to remind ourselves that we once held the record for the greatest collections of wrist-sweatbands and visors in the whole of Ealing. So, like, there. Then there was the annual “well done Dad, for being you” day where we purchase our brilliant father a bottle of rather-expensive liquor of varying descriptions year-on-year, which he pretty much then just imbibes straight away as if it was some of the on-offer Tesco shit. Apparently that’s what retired medical professors do, according to him, and we have so far seen very little evidence to the contrary. So, some jubilant celebrations of things past, present, and inadvertently future took place. Suitably jubilant and touching-on-the-nostalgic soundtracking cometh in formeth of Growing Up which just so happens to be our current Track Of The Day from Liverpudlian unit Canvas. These guys are causing quite the stir in the locality of the ‘Pool – on the online side of things, you’ve got big-ups from the likes of the Liverpool Echo; and on the radio front, BBC Merseyside have been getting involved. Pretty good. So what’s all the hub-bub hubbubin’ about? We’re not entirely sure other than the recently-surfaced (as in, like, about two hours ago) video for Growing Up, which puts the band’s personalised brand of tropical-infused indie pop on public display for all to enjoy. Think of the fruitier moments of Hippo Campus, Dan Croll and Model Aeroplanes and these guys might just mysteriously appear in your thought process.


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