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“Cloud Calls”

Count Counsellor

Gotta tell ya folks – it is really something getting one’s confidence back up, particularly in tandem with a general and very real cessation of fuck-giving. Priorities have changed and it feels like the days of competing with people simply for the sake of competing are long-gone (seriously, what the fuck is even the point of that?). We’re actually starting to turn down invites to festivals (yeah, those. The ones that happen again. And again. And, funnily enough, again-and-again-and-again) and the folly of yore in favour of having a a real life. We just don’t wanna rinse it, y’know? Yeah, cool brag bro. But allow us, we’re on a roll here. Alongside this whole life-is-beautiful trip that we’re quite happily embarking on these days, we are also enjoying a degree of clarity that usually only occurs every couple of years; we suppose that’s in no small part to do with disposing of all the crap that really doesn’t matter that much. Creates space to fill with things that give us immense pleasure – like simply enjoying music for its own merits. The fact that we’re aware that certain forces are already at play and probably have been for some time as far as current Track Of The Day’er Count Counsellor, admittedly, in the past may well have put us off. But let’s just say that we’re in a pretty good mood right this minute and new effort Cloud Calls from the London-via-Adelaide (we’ve been to the latter once. Quite nice) is providing a rather fitting soundtrack to our day. Hence the accolade. Innit. This artful dodger has already received praise and big ups from Stereogum and we can only imagine what sort of online and radio treats lay ahead as far as this project is concerned. The three consecutive plays of Cloud Calls in the office just now led to a five-minute discussion of the rise of what has been voiced as “nu-R’n’B”. Or Nurnbuh, if we’re getting fucking sarcastically phonetic about it all, which we clearly are. We’re talking stuff like James Blake (apparently we were the only person at Primavera who thought he was alright – as in, out of about 10,000 people – but then again we were pretty high at that point. Sorry mum), Chet Faker and a guy we used to roll pretty deep with called Jack Garratt. It’s all good stuff, and in our mind has yet to ferment in the eyes and ears of the general public as opposed to the heavily-opinionated music people like ourselves. Which leads us to think that the best is very much yet to come for Count Counsellor; but this is a very good start indeed by all accounts. Jeah.

Count Counsellor – Cloud Calls

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