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Fucking hell, this feels weird. Writing, we mean. Sitting down and writing, rather than sitting down drinking or talking or eating or drinking/talking/eating at the same time (you end up making some real weird noises in that particular mode). Primavera just kinda crept up on us unawares until we were pretty much there. Then when we got there, everything seemed to slow down. There were no places in particular to be for the first 24 hours. Ourselves and our beloved Finn just kinda….wandered around Barcelona a bit. We used our limited knowledge of previous trips to the beachy end of town to try and impress her. Turns out she didn’t need impressing and never did. Apparently that’s what love is. It’s cool. The fact is, Primavera has become our personal metaphorical embodiment of losing control – whether in a positive or negative context depends on what state of mind we happen to be in. We’re safe to say that in our individual case it was very much positive this year, and evidenced by almost every member of our party (and our party was always the best, FYI. We have the most tight crew that you ever did see. Look up loyalty and you’ll probably see a picture of us booming it up next to the textbook definition). No bitches or bastards managed to take us down. Oh, of course they tried. They always try. But they failed. In fact, we managed to take down a few of ’em ourselves. Fucked em up with the truth. Now that we’re actively trying to get back into the swing of the shit that we get up to on the reg, we find ourselves exhausted under a heaving pile of electronic messages that are basically asking us for things. It is like the macrocosmic equivalent of realising just how much your feet hurt only when you stop using them (that happened a couple of times in the last week or so, believe that). In tandem with the inevitable lack-thereof, it is really beyond appropriate that Sleep from new chappy Dust & Shadow. This is just one dude. His name is Tom. S’up Tom. Thanks for reaching out. So, you appear to like lo-fi. Funnily enough, we were talking to a guy about Oberhofer just now which harks back to the day that in our mind, or indeed our actual youth/life, when lo-fi (or chill-wave. Or recession music, that was our favourite description at the time) was pretty much the sole substance of tastemaker blogs of the mid-to-late noughties. In fact, we think blogs in the context of propping up new music were a relatively new thing at that particular time. Doesn’t that just blow you mind Tom? Well, in contrast, your music chills our mind. It reminds us of bands of the era such as SpectralsWampire and Porcelain Raft, some of whom went on to do pretty well in the commercial space. Also Cheatahs. They’re boom. We also dig the real retro video that you’ve acted out. You seem like a nice guy. Let’s hang out. Yeah? Cool.


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