Premiere: GØSPEL
“Ain’t Gonna Let You In”


It’s the end-ish of Mental Health Awareness Week, around about nowish. Yeah, we didn’t know that either until about an hour ago, thanks to some nifty social media reminders by some pretty brave people who are seemingly unafraid to draw the associated insinuations of such a proclaimation by those who like to insinuate. Actually it was one of the first times we felt the need to get all preachy-facebooky about it by following one of those cut’n’paste style jobbies on the aforementioned platform. Mainly because it is something we feel quite strongly about it, as we hope those that know us personally – which seems like an awful lot of people these days – are aware that such issues have affected us for quite some time in several different contexts (c’mon, it is pretty obvious isn’t it? We’re emo as fuck, you guys). One of the things we have been encouraged to do is talk about such matters more openly (ironically, in effect, telling an existing big-mouth to have a bigger mouth), which to be honest didn’t make a lot of sense to us at the time because we didn’t see the sense in the vulnerable making their vulnerabilities illuminated in front of those that might take advantage in some shape or form. Music is inherently dependent on image and perception of the performers in the eyes of the beholders , and a lot of the time it feels that we are all part of the show. And the show never ends. You are always performing. And if you are anything less than perfect, all the fucking time, then you’re a fucking loser; without “them”, you are nothing. So, part of our never-ending problem a lot of the time seems like our inability to block the opinions and voices of others out, rather than letting them in, however loud or silent they might be. So on that note, you can imagine that we were more than happy to premiere the new one from previous Track Of The Day’ers GØSPEL, which goes by the name of Ain’t Gonna Let You In. Admittedly, it has been a while. Here’s ya vital stats in case you need a refresher. They are from London. They are a duo. A boy/girl one specifically, as indicated by the wonderful and moodful depiction above. Since previous effort (we think that there has been another on the in-between, but we seem to have developed a habit of letting loads of of great shit get by us) Disasters Running Wild done-got picked up by all and sundry, these peeps have done some radio-playing on Radio 1 and whatnot, and some live-playing on some stages. Which is nice. We’ve been cited as citing references like Fleetwood Mac and The National as far as these dudes are concerned. This time not only feels like a big ol’ step-up in terms of musical production and song-writing ambition, but a display of just how versatile these guys can get, presumably to avoid any form of stereotype (fucking music, y’know?) or pigeonholing. So you can imagine that we feel a bit sheepish right now in our attempt to, well, pigeonhole this song in isolation of anything else. We’re going for something in-between Annie Lennox and Beach House. Or whatever. It’s a lovely track. Listen up.

GØSPELAin’t Gonna Let You In

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