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“Out Of Breath”

Cute Mess

Yeahyeahyeah, Brighton-this, Great Escape-that. We’ve positively expunged any remaining memories or any sense of nostalgia that may have accumulated over the previous 72+ hours, mainly as we’re still very much exhausted. We didn’t party that hard; and we didn’t set foot in the Queen’s Hotel once for the duration to partake in what we’re allegedly supposed to partake in, mainly because we were knackered following three days of running around like a dickhead. We have it on good authority about what went on though. That person took that amount of coke. This person fucked this other person. Drinks until the break of dawn at which point everyone buggers off to whatever temporary abode they are calling home for the purposes of the festival. We honestly don’t know how people find the time for it. We’re far from trying to be overly judgemental; we like to party hard too, albeit maybe not to the same sort of extent as some people. Anyway, did you have fun? Good. Good good good. Let’s continue with the music story. Today we worked from home mainly as we needed to upload 20-something tracks to our ever-lovely distributors, and the broadband connection at home is ironically way better at home when there aren’t about fifty other people competing for bandwidth. It was pretty great. We can burp out loud when we like. Shit, for the first half we didn’t even get out of bed; rather we adopted several laid-back work positions which funnily enough resulted in a greater degree of efficiency than expected. The weird bit is not having constant dialogue going on, and so perhaps we may have appeared over-excited when people called us on the old mobile (sorry Scoggins and Chris Pritchard). Helping us ease back into the Track Of The Day swing of things are Polish outfit Cute Mess – perhaps a perfect synonym given that we are still dealing with a rather sizable fuck up from a certain venue we unfortunately attempted to utilise a couple of days ago, for which indeed we are still trying to fix for a bunch of people involved (a word to the wise – sometimes a venue is not actually a venue at all, at least in the licensing sense). They are a four piece and they are from Poland’s third-largest city (thanks Google) called Łódź. We’d love to know how to pronounce that spicy twister. Unfortunately there’s not a lot we can tell you beyond that we reckon they sound like a rather anthemic-yet-ethereal soundclash of Florence & The Machine meets Morning Parade given that sadly, despite all our magic powers, we can’t read Polish that well. We were hoping that with a name like Cute Mess that there would be some riot grrl action going on, but we’re perfectly happy with what we’ve got here anyway and it’s probably for the best given the fatigued state we’re in right now anyway. Here’s wishing all you delegates a speedy recovery.

Cute Mess – Out Of Breath

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