“Hating Is Easy”


We’re in the process of writing our first mailshot for the first time in three-ish years. It has been so long that we had forgotten the logins, which is bloody hilarious in itself given that we often pride ourselves on our super-adhesive memory. Which can be equally a blessing as it is a curse. The fact is, there’s a lot to get nostalgic and/or regretful about the month of May as far as we’re concerned. We’re in the constant habit of comparing ourselves to, well, ourselves in the temporal sense at least. What were we doing this time last year? Probably something like this. We remember doing away with a bunch of people that pretty much served only to wind us up, and whilst we are glad that we did away with the aforementioned we are still annoyed to this day that we allowed ourselves to be compromised. We remember Great Escape, or just about. We were a bit of a mess the whole time in a vain attempt to be something that we’re not with people that we really don’t like that much; although outwardly we guess we were just drunk the whole time. There’ll be plenty of that this time around, sure, but in a much more “we’re 30 now, so we will deal with shit seriously” kind of way. So, yeah. We’re there to out-work and out-party pretty much everyone. That’s us. Goddammit. But we must behave as we have our first band practice on Sunday so we’ve gotta remain pretty limber for that. Soundtracking this sense of yesteryear remembrance are new Track Of The Day’ers Cassels. They were served right up by indie label bad-boy Kevin Douch of Big Scary Monsters fame, who successfully managed to make us blush with his opening email line of “hello you”, followed by “I wanted to send [Cassels] your way because I think you might like them”. Some serious Sherlock-style deduction up in here y’all. He’s READING us. So lets all congratulate Kev on playing us like a proverbial fiddle on his fantasy roof, because he has nailed us on the opening round. Cassels are indeed a band, and are indeed good. Word on the street is that Tall Ships rate them too. The scoop is that they are from Oxford. Kev says they are “frighteningly young”. Make of that what you will. They certainly look real young, and we’re hoping for this particular duo’s sakes that this won’t be a problem for anyone involved when they play the Big Scary Monsters v Alcopop showcase at Pav Tav for Great Escape on the 15th May. Or this Friday, if that’s easier. Our chums over at Gold Flake Paint went ahead and premiered what is now our current Track Of The Day a few days back, which is nice. What on earth do these lot sound like? Well, they’re a bit like Drenge. And a bit like Slaves. They’ve also got the lazed-out guitar tones and vocal rhythms of, say, Let’s Wrestle and The Thermals. And Japandroids. Says who? Says we. Listen up.

Cassels – Hating Is Easy


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