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Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuyappy Monday. Early start huh? Gotta get a jump on shit? Sure sure, us too. It’s Great Escape week. So far it is looking like it will be great, but not so much an escape for yours truly. Not only have we somehow stepped up our promotional output in the live context in that we are putting up to as many as three stages (four if you’re including the Fred Perry instore we just curated, and to be honest we’re not entirely sure if we’re allowed to say anything at all about it at this point, but fuck it. Y’know? Seriously fuck it. Call us Captain Giveashit), but also we are determined to actually go and see some things instead of being pinned to one, albeit our own, venue for hours on end. We will be mobile. We will be reviewing your performances. In all likelihood we will be drinking your beer too. Or, indeed, our very own given that we’ve just had news that our Saturday shindig at North Laines Brewery is going to have it’s own beer brewed especially for the event. That’s nice, isn’t it? So given all that and the usual bits and bobs that we constantly have going on, we’re not likely to have much of  social life for the next week or so. Guttingly this means we are going to miss Service Bells at The Lexington tonight, which in a strange way is more frustrating than is the norm given that we only learned that they exist just yesterday. Manager Jon of Academy Music Group infamy shot us a message about them via the classic Great Escape Delegate’s Directory; and we are glad to see some kinda useful application for the inter-delegate messaging system seeing as we’ve been using it for the last couple of days to send not-so-secret love messages to Chris Chadwick even though he sits within eyeshot of us in the very same office that we occupy. Anyway. These guys are from Australia and by fuck do they dress legit. Those slacks. Those shoes. Those frames. Those rather expensive-looking instruments. These boys have come over here to play and play hard – indeed in addition to the aforementioned showcase opening up for Meat Wave this evening, there is some talk of a hush-hushed appearance at Great Escape and the majority of the Aussie BBQ (has anyone actually been to one of their stages before? Is it literally a barbeque with bands playing?) outings at other industry-facing events such as Sound City. Music-wise, and as previously indicated, guitars and the music they generate therein appears to be the business of Service Bells. Manager Jon mentioned Interpol and Queens Of The Stone Age by way of references. We are inclined to agree with him. We also wanna back his shit up with some nods to Editors and Julian Casablancas. Imbibe.

Service Bells – Undertaker

Service Bells – Almost/Never

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