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“Makin’ Friends Not Millionaires”

Hey Bulldog

What is uuuuuuuuuup. Yeah we’re good thanks. Good Bank holibob? Catch some of those rays? We didn’t. Not more than 5 hours after leaving the fabulous Koko venue – complete with wonderful performances from Rat BoyPretty Vicious and Felix from The Maccabees who can broadly be described as the most geezerish (in the best possible way) chap from a band that we’ve come across for a while – we bundled ourselves into our wonderfully family-friendly and pretty green Renault Megane to spend a similar amount of time traversing the spine of the UK that is the M1 up to Leeds. By the time we got there, it felt as is our brains had flowed into our feet. Much caffeine was required. We had a Red Bull for the first time in years whilst watching Racing Glaciers, and a tiny can of Heineken whilst observing John Joseph Brill educate the late night crowds. We met a PR called Ben who told us stories of how he would get turned away from Coalition during his heady student days, so you can imagine with anecdotes of that level of significance that we took quite a liking to the guy who seemed more than happy to indulge our that’s-what-she-said degree of humour. Sunday, as expected, was a write-off. Brain not feel right. We passed out on our parent’s sofa to find our nearly-2-year-old niece attempting to use our person as some sort of human trampoline. Today was spent in guilt-mode for we had done absolutely zero work during this timeframe, but we allowed ourselves a trip to Pizza Express with Cara and a brief stint at Tesco. Way to go, us. We also just got round to checking out this spicy twist called Makin Friends Not Millionaires from Mancunian man-unit Hot Bulldog. The suprising thing is that we’re pretty sure that this is a band nomenclature that we randomly generated with some former associates at a plethora of industry events in order to come up with an excuse to leave. Yes, we have made up band names in the past. We have even made up bands – well, a band – on this blog before in an attempt to flush out people who don’t think for themselves. Turns out there are a few out there. We are, in this instance, however not making up Hot Bulldog. Unless they made themselves up. Whatever. Anyway, this is trippy-balls heavy rock music tinged with a little bit o’ blues. The word from their camp is that John Kennedy of XFM presenting fame propped this very same track up as of late and, well, that was great. We figured further amplification of this effort was needed, so here we bloody are. For your bluesy elements, we’re getting The Black Keys. For your trippy-ness, try Jane’s Addiction. And for your don’t-give-a-fuck hard rocking nature, get some Middle Class Rut in ya earholes. This seems to occupy all three camps, and for that reason we rate this lot hard.

Hey Bulldog – Makin’ Friends Not Millionaires

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