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Premiere: Dead Ceremony
“Looking Glass”

Dead Ceremony

Goddamn, if we were ever feeling heavily under staffed, it is right now. Ben, get your nationalistic Scottish ass back here. We’re drowning. Actually, we’re kidding. That happens occasionally. Y’know, humour and that. We’re not always emo. For example, we just had a rather healthy lunch outing with everyone’s favourite big-guy / Armenian bro Vaz which was mutually deemed one of our most fulfilling conversations to date. We came up with a pretty awesome game to play at Great Escape – shit, that’s not very far away now is it – which we’ll allow a select few people in on closer to the time if we can even be fucked to implement it. Now we must turn our attention to this evening’s rather late antics, of which there are several thousand (turns out live promotions don’t actually get easier when you wangle big-boy bands into a larger setting. Way more things can go wrong, actually), as well as the realisation that we are likely to be cream crackered when we set off for Live At Leeds at stupid o’clock tomorrow morning. Look out, M1. Anyway, let’s calm the fuck down and listen to this rather epic soundscaping premiere of the new one from Kent collective Dead Ceremony. You may or perhaps not remember them from the spicy New Moons: Vol II outing back in December; and they’ve made some serious moves in terms of profile since then, and evidentally have stepped up their songwriting and/or production game at the same time. This is Radio 1 gold. That’s where we’d aim the Dead Ceremony cannon loaded with the Looking Glass ball anyhoo. Dropping this game-changer mere days before their big-ass headline show in London – Electrowerks on the 6th May to be exact, which just happens to the the penultimate day of a certain Con/Lib coalition government, as if you’d forgotten – also seems like just the right move to get you lot all pumped up for it. The simple-yet-not approach to the production on this track is intriguing – something that in a different guise we might have mistaken for a Draper-produced pop track, in fact. We can also hear tinglings of Sons & Lovers vocals, and the pop delivery of Bastille. We dig. Now you dig too. Have a great bank holibob.

Dead Ceremony – Looking Glass

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