Big ol’ week has begun dudes. Well, we say that all the time huh? We should probably tone that shit down, lest everyone becomes numb to it like a pop song that’s been rinsed for no reason in particular. In terms of public-facing stuff and/or shit that people who don’t necessarily work within the London music business environment might actually be into, we have an awful lot of live announcements to get through. Great Escape and King’s Head stuff mainly. We don’t say this very often, but thank goodness that Ben Soep has returnethed for one day only. He actually knows what’s going on; mainly as all the live bits and bobs are generally his domain. He doesn’t like it when we start meddling with his shit; and so we are glad that he survived the rather impromptu Washington Irving journey to Minsk whereby our Scottish heroes dangled their disdain for social inequalities and anti-nuclear stance whilst we were sat at home on on our botty-holes worrying about basically everything ever. So right now we are watching Ben tend to and/or meddle with his own shit. And listening to these guys Knights. They are a band. Big Phil from Brontone told us about them because he knows that we rate rather-loud rock music, so that’s just him feeding our periodic appetite for the aforementioned. Knights‘ first digital birthing took place round about Glastonbury 2014, which by all recorded accounts was indeed their first live birthing as well, which saw them play the Bread & Roses stage and presumably munching all the bread and fucking up all the roses in the process – judging by the sludgey bluesy rock stylings of current Track Of The Day Consequences that is, and our follow-on imagination as to what we reckon these four well-jacketed chappies get up to. Don’t be boring, chappies. We already have one Royal Blood who would have us all believe that it is just not cool to party hard or indeed fuck shit up. We mean, we think its possible to do just that, but in a polite and/or media-pandering way which means more people will in fact end up liking you for it rather than being slightly annoyed. Or do what you like, that’s cool also. Anyway, we mentioned bluesy rock music earlier, and that’s what we’re sticking to as far as describing this is concerned. The track commences with a rather ambitious guitar riff that might make the less-diligent A&R mind think of derrogatory buzz words like “pub”, however this boldly leads into territory typically occupied by the likes of Black Keys, The Family Rain, LTNT and former Track Of The Day’ers/compilationers Total Navajo. Which is very fucking nice indeed. Keep an eye out for these guys and maybe try to catch up live at Sebright Arms tomorrow night, or indeed The Great Escape whom everyone in the entire Milky Way seems to be headed to.

Knights – Consequences


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