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Boy Scout

There’s an unadulterated therapeutic element to this blog. It is strange; we are in the relentless habit of trying to organise our daily activities by way of several different todoists and Google calendars (i.e. the motherfuck of all motherfucks), and yet if a day such as yesterday does not permit by virtue of the requisite time sat in front of our compy-comp to perform some kinda write up then we end up getting very fucking shirty with the world. Very much as if this were a source of our daily fix of chatting such utter shash that it allows us to speak on some sort of normal fashion on other matters of consequences. Licenses, both in terms of approving and issuing, seem to have taken up most of this week, and the more work-like that work seems to get the more anxious we appear to become. Weird, huh? Luckily, once again, the slew of good news alluding to some rather incredible developments for us as a company have come thick and fast to keep those last garrisons of serotonin in the back of our head on stand by for the duration – much like a drug it seems that we need at least one borderline-miracle-level of good news per week in order to keep us confident, at least to the level that a lot of our peers hold us up to – as well as good people around us of course. Special ladyfriend took us to see some audience-directed scene-based comedy stand up yesterday, and she’s becoming deadly efficient at taking our focus off work which is one of the many reasons that we and indeed most of our friendship group dig her so hard. Anyway, we’re pensive as fuck right now as we’re attempting to finally get our heads above the sea of emails we’re positively drowning in these days, so here’s new Track Of The Day’ers Boy Scout with new Track Of The Day Get Me By which provides suitable soundtracking to this mindset. Mr McCrae, aka Big Al, put us on to them when we got cosy in our flat a couple of weekends ago amongst plans and plots designed to make our collective mark in this world. He then took us out for a roasty. He’s a cool guy. You should listen to him. Anyway, some factoids about these guys. Or guy. Actually, certain blogs and other musical outlets such as 6Music and BBC Introducing have let on that this is indeed a duo. A British duo. A British duo who take a mood, translate it into an emotive package of just shy of 4 minutes, and deliver it in a vein that’s differentiated yet not worlds removed the likes of Bon Iver, Imogen Heap and true folktronicons Tunng. We dig.

Boy Scout – Get Me By

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