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Premiere: The Hearts
“Run Free”

The hearts

Easin’ back into it chaps. First day back in the office. You’d have hardly thunk that we’ve been away for longer that, what, like, 3 days judging by the reaction of a lot of peeps in our vicinity. The stress spots have gone done by quite a stretch and we’re apparently not as moany and/or groany as we we previous to our arduous train journey. Yeah, right. We still fully intend on being a pain in everyone’s ass. Don’t think we won’t be. This week is already shaping up to be a biggie in terms of announcements and intensity thereof – Ben is fucking off to Belarus with Washington Irving and is already grinning like an adolescent who has just achieved their first boner about it. That’s fine. We’re being taken out to lunch and dinners by people who for some reason want a piece of our shit for a sizable proportion of when he is away, so really that means that we win the fight. The fight of life. Other people who are winning the fight of life are previous Track Of The Day’ers The Hearts, who also now can claim the accolade of not only being only one of three bands ever to have two Track Of The Day’s by way of consecutive features, but also claiming two further consecutive video premieres therein. Way to go guys. You must like us a lot. Perhaps it is our attention to detail that appeals; or indeed how we are famed for our objectivity in delivering and not our own meandering life experiences. Anyway, things are on the up for our favourite Welsh trio since we last encountered their rather chiseled and emotive-yet-stoic male features. They’ve toured with great guitar hopes Pretty Vicious. They got some Radio 1 action. They got some free shit from Fred Perry. And now they’re back with new effort Run Free, complete with suggestive music video detailing how to get it on with an inanimate object – alluding to just how tricky it might be to woo one’s objects of affections (that shit is hard) – as well as a full UK tour on the way to make y’all aware of who they are and what they do etc. It can’t possibly be long before festival stages up and down the stretch of the country play host to what we imagine to be a pretty incredible live show by this stage. Pre-load your mind with big stadium moments vis-a-vis Stereophonics and the more power-rock moments of Jimmy Eat World, then lock into this.

The Hearts – Run Free


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