“Hold Me”


We could get used to those 4-working-day-weeks that we’ve been enjoying as of late, as have a lot of our peers we’d imagine. As a matter of fact, we’re going to have to seeing as we’re doing a proverbial one to Bruges this week with the special ladyfriend. Gonna get all Colin Ferrell about it. She’s going to be the other Irish guy who is in lots of films that we have seen, like 28 Days Later and Kingdom Of Heaven, but whose name we cannot recall presumably due to the fact that to our knowledge he has not landed a prominent and/or leading role beyond these. There is talk of hooking up with a midget and perhaps insulting/doing combat with a large American outside of the tower-in-the-town-square thingy. We’ll let you know how we get on. Anyway, whilst we’re gone, Ben is in charge and it is very important that you do what he says because he is working his ass off at the moment and doesn’t mind putting you on yours if you defy his will. Getting us in the holibobbing mood are London-based people Brazil, who arriveth in form of our secret and ever-growing iPhone list of bands that we’ve been told about but due to the size of this list (turns out there are a lot of bands in the world) we have absolutely no idea who told us about them. Probably someone good. The 405 have chatted about them, so could be one of them. We dunno. If you told us about Brazil, well done you. Have a compliment. They are good; in the sense that they sure know how to rock, if current Track Of The Day Hold Me is anything to go by. This new effort follows on from last year’s Hide Away; and whereas it’s predecessor possesses more post-punk elements in our mind, we’re impressed with the vocal variation with the latter in contrast whilst demonstrating an ability to retain the former’s scuzzier moments. That, boys and girls, is called consistency, and is totally different from being samey. With Hold Me, we’re getting something that exists inbetween the worlds of The Subways, Fidlar and the brattiness of Be Your Own Pet. Unfortunately due to reasons we have alluded to above we can’t scootch on down to their next London show at The Basement at the Edition Hotel on Thursday (being promoted by our chums at The Blue Walrus no less), but you totally should. Then tell us how ruddy good it was.

Brazil – Hold Me

May as well innit.

Brazil – Hide Away

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