“Who Knows”


Anyone else feel like the four-day week in addition to the ol’ daylight savings switcheroo just beforehand has fucked everything right up? Yeah, it totally has. We kinda like it. Routines have been buggered up; in contrast to most weeks – which we have slowly started to admit to our own personal board of directors that we have dreaded since the start of the year, although this has started to subside dramatically in recent weeks given that we’re on this whole get-busy-living trip at the moment – this one has seemed infinitely more relaxed. We feel like we’re getting more on top of things and indeed we’re only about 50 messages away from clearing an entire inbox. A large chunk of this morning and early afternoon was spent counselling others in a sense; one person very dear to us, and another that we hardly knew at all. Both seem to be having trouble figuring “it” out – “it” being, well, life. The common perception (perception being the operable and very much transient word in this sense) is that everyone around them, ourselves cited as an example, seems to know everything about everything and it sadly makes them feel put out. We’re sure that you, dear readership, can appreciate the inherent irony of reading this in a blog post by a person who refers to themselves in the third person on the reg because they are quite clearly insecure as fuck. The fact of the matter is, as put to us recently and rather succinctly by Jeremy Lloyd, everybody is just winging it. Seriously. Particularly in the creative industries. People make shit up as they go along in the often-ultimately futile attempt to look legit in front of everyone else. We mean, look at us. We made this thing up ages ago and just look at the bloody mess it has got us into ever since, largely because certain people decided to take what we were saying seriously. The sad by-product is that people feel less of themselves and very much feel like a giant’s shoulder is needed to stand on to undertake the inherent risks that directly correlate to exposing one’s soul, talent and desires to other people. Perhaps that’s why we respect new musicians way more than the Tidal establishment. Anyway, on that note, here’s the lyrically and substantively apt Track Of The Day from Los Angeles outfit Beginners. Will Puxley told us about them in the context that all and sundry were metaphorically bumming this lot so hard at SXSW that we were so very nearly jealous that we weren’t there ourselves this year. So in tandem with this and the presumably substantial online props that have received since Who Knows and its musically associates were surfaced circa one year ago, you can imagine that we feel rather late to this particular lots’ party. But hey, either way, its good to be here now. Accurately whacking the indie-pop tag right on the head, we’re very much enjoying the sort-of sun-drenched Camden Town backdrop to the lethal combination of commercial appeal and indie cred that Beginners have on near-bragging levels of display. Think along the lines of Naked & Famous. Lykke Li. MGMT. Passion Pit. MNDR (we found her demos in the car CD changer the other day, and it still sounds boom). Then have a listen to the below. Then get the fudge out of here, it’s the weekend. Have a good one.

Beginners – Who Knows


Beginners – Ever Love

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