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“Join Hands”

Twin Hidden

It’s the middle of the week. We’ve got a million things to do, and about a millionth of the time we need to do it in. You know what that means – yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah kids, it’s lets-see-how-quickly-we-can-write-up-this-bad-boy time! Speed writing! Fuck the facts! We’ve got to get as much stuff to as many people as is humanly possible, such is the cultural pop phenomenon these days of trying to consume new music every five seconds! Blink and you’ll fuckin’ miss it all! That certainly seems to be the case as far as we and current Track Of The Day’ers Twin Hidden are concerned; in that a sizeable chunk of our peers seem to have been aware of the Mancunian man-duo for quite some time (5 months is basically a lifetime in blog world. Perception, etc), but we managed to, y’know, miss em the fuck out. To be fair, we were having one of those existentialist quarterly-life crises at the time, so allow us. Anyway, trusty ol’ Paul Humphreys was thankfully about to call us several times during his GP appointment yesterday to tell us all about these guys whilst simultaneously trying to muscle in on our soon-t0-be announced Great Escape action (he’s a charmer, alright). Way to go Paul. We’re glad he did it; for we are richly enjoying the Yeasayer via Everything Everything via Clock Opera vibes being vicariously channeled our way through this most-recent effort Join Hands this sun-drenched afternoon in Camden. Now we gotta bust a move to see a person about some kinda denim. See ya.

Twin Hidden – Join Hands


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