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Will Samson

Still saturating ourselves in the calm, y’all. It’s bloody great. This whole new approach of tackling things systematically and one thing at a time rather than trying to bite off everything and digesting it in one go is working like a charm that has been tied to our next this whole time but we’ve been too busy gawping at pretty much everything else to notice it. Huh. Speaking of calm, new-ish intern Rhi has been recently repping one of their (CALM being the acronym for a charity that largely deals with male anxiety, and probably that of others too) musical outings just a couple of days ago which we were fortunate enough to make it down to. It was on Sunday and at a barge in Battersea, which was aptly-named “BARGE”. She somehow managed to pull together an amazing line up consisting of (but not limited to) Katie Malco, Ric of Tall Ships fame, Xcerts and Sam Duckworth pka Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, as well as a shit-ton of people to check it out. We wouldn’t ever want to do the disservice of decribing shows like these – the ones where we’re genuinely psyched to go along, devoid of any other interest work-related or otherwise – as a scene; more an environment where everyone is just happy to be there. On that note, here’s new Track Of The Day, suitably entitled Sanctuary, to carry on this chill-out mentality that we are richly enjoying at the moment. It’s by a guy called Will Samson, who we have been reliably informed by a couple of peeps in the proverbial know is about to come out with some new music that will make you shit your pants in the best possible way. He says he’s from the Himalayas. We don’t think he is. We think he’s having a wee giggle there. We’re a bit gutted that we didn’t come across the works of this guy in 2014 or earlier in general, whereby he picked up big-boy plaudits from all sorts like Clash and Uncut. But that’s okay. He’s here now, and we’re more than happy to enjoy the fruits of these Mogwai-via-Sigur Ros-via-Bon Iver tinged labours late rather than not at all.

Will Samson – Sanctuary


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