The long, long weekend has been most tranquil. Matter of fact, it very much still is. Currently we’re sat in our wonderfully-lit and comfortably-warm flat overlooking a sundrenched Hornsey area and a big-ass Alexandra Palace. Sherlock is on the telly (via the medium of the DVD box set we had originally purchased for our parents but have since requisitioned owing to how they haven’t bloody watched it yet and right now our need is probably greater than theirs); Tim is periodically calling us “Allan”, mainly as he really likes to just call us that most of the time. We have spent the last three days specifically in the company of our special lady friend and  generally saturating ourselves in the company of old friends, who remember us so well in differenciation to what we have become ever since and have never judged us in either context. Its like we have our sanctuary finally restored.  It is peaceful in every essence of the word; a culmination of the calm that we’re very much enjoying these days, far away from the stresses of yesteryear that properly bummed us out on the reg. Sonically personifying these senses of peace and calm, and generally soundtracking the last few days (sorry we didn’t post it up earlier chaps, but we’ve been trying our damndest not to do any work whatsoever whilst we’re supposed to be doing the exact opposite) is this spaced-out number from a band called Neighbour. They are from Kettering. Musically they like to combine a backdrop of classic Brit-Pop that in terms of genre we seem to be going through a massive re-appreciation phase these days, alongside some kinda dreamy psychadelia that it is nigh on impossible to not lose oneself in. We’re thinking something in between the lines of The Charlatans, Cults and The Proper Ornaments. Let’s all tod along to their show at Great Escape in about a month’s time, shall we?


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