The long weekend has seemingly arrived at a super convenient time – around about the 3pm mark today, we only just recognised how fucking tired we are. More poignantly than our generic ramblings about our day-to-day are the several draining aspects happening behind the scenes, one of which came to true fruition last night upon the realisation that some of the things that we try to do to help certain people out will probably never be quite good enough for them. A bummer it may be, but we’re well over the point where we lose sleep over these sort of things; for the sun is shining and we’ve got bare shit on the go, hommes. Gonna touch down in our hometown of Hanwell tomorrow to sample some new ales that they’ve got going in some kinda ale festival within the locality. Tonight we get to link up with one, possibly even two buddies hailing from New York that we haven’t seen in a seriously long time. Soundtracking our transition from work into “actually we can remember to have fun sometimes” mode is this wonderful single called Headshot which arrived in our inbox late last night in the most serendipitous of manners (props to Moors for teaching us that word last night, and for playing one of the best shows we’ve seen at King’s Sessions thus far) from Hong Kong collective Chantaiman. We read somewhere that their name is the local lingual equivalent of “John Doe”. Nice. Real nice, guys. Your music is very impressive too. Citing their sound as something sandwiched between the ostensible genres of Brit-Pop (and/or Rock) and Post-Punk, theirs is an email that contains musical references that we only find ourselves agreeing with completely in on rare occasions. So, additional props to them there. Headshot is reeled from the band’s debut album – released last year and called Ordinary People (check out the trailer below) – and so you can gauge the whole for/by the people vibe that these guys are going for. Right on. People are cool. Have a check-out of the below and hopefully you shall whiff the same Blur via The National via The Pixies wiffy that we be whiffin’.

Chantaiman – Headshot


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