How the bloody hell was your weekend? Ours was great ta, cheers for asking. We did a talk thingy to some people who allegedly wanted to hear us talk (as you might imagine, we like to talk a lot) for our chums at the PRS who thought it’d be great to put us on the spot in terms of working out just how the fuck we fund stuff, and how we blag money off other people on the reg. We can’t imagine many people left fulfilled in either respect, but we were left slightly put-out due to the fact that everyone seemed to have business cards other than us, including most members of the audience. That was cool. We then spent the majority of Sunday visiting family members – first to Hendon to see our slightly-older-than-us sibling, and then on to Ealing to effectively crash out hard on our parent’s sofa (seriously. Best. Sleep. Ever) but not before buying them a pint and a pizza at one of the borough’s fabulous upmarket bistro which reminded us so much of Highgate that we’re now not very surprised that we’ve settled in that neck of the North London woods. So, excitement all round and sticking to our self-imposed rule of trying not to do anything work-related whatsoever on the weekends means that we are stacked to shit on this heavily overcast Monday afternoon. Soundtracking said shit-stacking are London-based Mancunians FORINT, who claim the Killing Moon Track Of The Day accolade several weeks after they have claimed similar citations from other bigger-blogs-than-ours. We love this brand of mournful pop – although the watchwords here seem to be bedroom pop, and presumably that means this music was made in a bedroom of some description with a popular application in mind. That in itself is impressive, given the degree of both songwriting and production prowess displayed withing Prisoner. It takes us to a state of pensive thoughtfulness that makes it way, way easier to deal with several exclusive licenses at the same time, which is a nice indicator as to how exciting our afternoon is right now. For refereces, we’ll go with The Casket Girls, Dems and the-band-that-got-away-as-far-as-we’re-concerned Worship.

FORINT – Prisoner

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