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Anna Straker
“One Lover”

Anna Straker

We are absolutely devastated to report that we didn’t get around to writing a blog post yesterday. Which really sucks. Sadly we got bogged down with meetings, requests whereby people ask us for money and vice-versa for a plethora of different purposes (all legit, FYI), talking to Ben, ignoring Ben, that sort of thing. Oh, and trying to figure out whether we should get dressed up for the Artist Manager Awards tomorrow evening (dunno why we’re going). Then, before you know it, it’s 7pm and we just had to go meet our long-term bro-dog Cara Dattani because she wanted to buy us chicken to make up for the torrent of online abuse she has been sending our way lately. Her annoyingness in relation to trying to make us listen to Charli XCX is only matched by her videographic brilliance and/or chicken-purchasing abilities. That’s the thing with pop music. It is fashionable to bash it because it is just so easy to do so given the amount of shash we as a pop-ulation (wheeeeeeey) endure on the reg – which in itself is a pretty fashionable thing to say. Huh. However there’s one popstress-in-the-making by the name of Anna Straker, who just so happens to hold the coveted Track Of The Day championship title belt today up in here, that we can say personally falls firmly on the right side of the credible pop fence. Take note, poppy A&R people. Shit is going down, and shit is good. Word on the e-street is that this lady has backing vocal history with John Newman and drum’n’basserisers Rudimental, and now she’s making a go of it solo. We find ourselves drawn in by the initial hazy chord progression that ultimately bleeds into a prominent vocal prowess within One Lover, which recently got picked up by a regional BBC station and subsequently is being bigged up to all and sundry. Indeed, it is a vocal that leaves us daydreaming of a combo of Lauren Hill, PJ Harvey and Alicia Keys. And chicken. But as we mentioned above and indeed elsewhere, we think about chicken all the time so that’s probably nothing to do with that. Anyway. Listen, and preferably watch as well what we’re blathering on about below.


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