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Oof. Drinking on a Sunday ain’t the one, kids. Even if you are larging it up with Jon “Big” Mac at a well-known East London la-dee-dah haunt (that’s not a bad roast, Shoreditch House. Not bad at all); when the beers are flowing on penultimate hours of a weekend that was largely exclusive of the boozes, turns out you get pretty lit pretty easily. Also, what is this modern obsession with mixing caffeine with basically anything alcoholic? We want just normal. We’re not trying to get fucked up and rage till the break of dawn, we’re trying to be sociable here. Anyway. We’re a bit slow today as a result. Allow us and our sluggishness. Helping us ease into the weekly grind and the unsurprisingly-eager-and-swift-responses-to-our-shit-now-that-SXSW-is-over are Cardiff collective Safari Gold and their mega-trill understated indie-pop anthem of the century Howl. This is good. Real good. We are once again grateful to that everlasting know-it-all (and, co-incidentally, the band’s producer) Skip Curtis for not only slinging this our way but making sure that we actually do the done-thing of listening to the stuff that we are sent. Receiving its premiere from the cool guys at Indie Shuffle the other day, we’re not surprised to discover that the online world seems to be fully getting behind this captivating blend of the kind of mournful electronica that we used to associate with Worship‘s House Of Glass or DemsHouse (so we guess anything to do with houses is inherently remorseful in itself, in the musical sense at least), spliced with upbeat quirky indieness that you might get with peeps like Yeasayer and Fickle Friends. So given that we’ve referenced three bands that we have serious history with, you can imagine that we’re holding this lot quite close to our caffeinated heart right now. Keep an eye out for their debut EP that’s cropping up in the next few weeks, presumably inclusive of this bugger.

Safari Gold – Howl


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