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North Division
“Smother Me”/”Coalesce”

North Division

You know what happens when you’re left in a green room with a bottle of jagermeister (not one of those miniature-sized pussoir bottles either, the normal size) following a really fucking good (and, some might argue, rather cathartic) debut show from one of the guys that you’ve been working with for a while (who is also happy to be in the room with said-bottle)? A whole lotta drinking of the contents of that bottle, that’s what. And you know what happens after that? About 72 hours of pain. The lingering, latent, can’t-really-think-much-beyond-shit type of pain that only makes itself apparent when you try to do something alluding to any sort of productivity following it all. That’s how our weekend panned out; and although today has required us to do stuff like, y’know, work and whatnot, we are noticeably more sluggish than is customary, particularly for a week that has just far too many good bits stuck in it for us to sit still about it for very long. Thursday, for example. Thursday will see a live announcement that makes us particularly happy. Just you wait’n’see. Getting us back into the thrust of more energetic things are Southampton three piece North Division, who arrive to us vicariously through the Fluence app thingy with double-whammy Track Of The Day Smother Me and Coalesce respectively. These boys sure know how to rock; somehow straddling the often invisible line between the worlds of punk rock, hardcore and shoegaze isn’t easy at the best of times (believe us, we have tried) but to their utmost credit North Division manage to execute this with near-perfect precision, both in terms of the song production and the songwriting therein. We’re getting whiffies of The Fall, Gang Of Four and Watershed-style Foo Fighters (that’s off the first album, kids); perhaps moreso in regards to the latter we can’t help but hear Husker Du all over this. Smashing.

North Division – Smother Me

North Division – Coalesce

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