“Scream Back/Coming Home”


Super-speedy-cha-cha-real-smooth Track Of The Day action for y’all coming up right now. Yeah, you missed those. We have a publishing meeting starting in about ten minutes and realised that we did nay do any bloggy action yesterday on account of spending way to much time telling Intern Naomi about what we think life is all about, getting ID’d on our way into Marina & The Diamonds‘ show at Oslo last night, and generally getting our arses in gear for this Friday. Another Club NME spesh coming up for you there. Chimes are playing. A bunch of you seem to know who they are already which is good news, and we can’t wait to see how this shit goes down in front of a lot of peeps. It shall be glorious. We shall be on our best behaviour because Draper‘s parents are coming. Helping us get psyched up – quite literally, in fact – are Leeds outfit Chaika who just so happened to occupy today’s hallowed Track Of The Day space with recently-surfaced Scream Back/Coming Home. Double-name for a single track situation. We’re into that. Especially when the total track length is over six minutes long. We’re not quite sure what a Chaika is – Google seems to suggest that it is some kinda Japanese Coffin Princess, which is just fine – but what we do know is that these boys sure know how to rock. Immediately we are introduced to pounding rhythms and sinister guitar tones that reminds us of Kasabian‘s Shoot The Runner (which, according to some, is the only Kasabian song that it is actually ok to like); in terms of musical progression, we’re getting The Doors; and the vocal isn’t a million miles away from Perry’s of Jane’s Addiction fame. In our mind’s eye, this would be pretty fucking amazing to see live, perhaps even more so when you’re a little high off your proverbial nut – and indeed we may all get the chance to do so when these guys grace one or several stages at the Live At Leeds festival this summer. Boom. Meeting. Cheerio.

Chaika – Scream Back/Coming Home

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