You never really realise how much your feet hurt when you’ve been walking around a shit-ton until you stop moving. Yeah, that’s right. You heard. We’ve been WALKING. Around. A lot. Or we did yesterday at least. Sure, walking is something we maintain we do in bucketloads, commonly in retortion to the many people who like to judge us for our lack of apparent-meaningful exercise (this happens quite a lot); but yesterday we set a path from Central London to the-bit-where-all-the-museums-are which not only took over two hours to complete – through near-summertime conditions and a women’s rights march that just happened to be taking place at that time and in that locality – but also gave us some quality time with the Draper that perhaps was long overdue. We also got to look at some bugs and stuff in the Natural History Museum, which made us happy for some reason. However, that initial feet-hurty sentiment right at the beginning of this post could also be extended metaphorically to our recent quietness on the record releasing front. It’s quite unnerving for us – going from having maybe 3 or 4 releases going on at the same time, to having absolutely zip announced. It hurts, for some reason. Or aches. Whatever. Anyway, that’s about to change, as we’re gearing up for one of several releases due to take place between now and September. Some surprises in there too. It will be nice to get back on our record releasing feet once more. With the amount of labouriousness that will inevitably take place to look forward to, we’re finding ourselves getting mentally psyched up (and physically, if any of the above is to be taken seriously by you doubters at all) with the music of Edinburghians Miasma, a nomenclature that in our head at least reminds us of a cockney talking about their personal respiratory issues that get all flared up as an excuse not to do any exercise of their own. They cometh forth with a track called Goldberg too, which happens to be the name of our favourite character from motivational children’s film Mighty Ducks. What’s also really great is the music, which we suppose is the point of this whole blathering. There’s a chain-gang approach to the vocal production and general rhythm of the song that reminds us more than a smidgen of Elbow‘s Grounds For Divorce; followed by a musical quirkiness from the Scottish fivesome that leaves a very Beck kinda taste in our mouths; completed by an almost rootsy-indie guitar take on procedures that reminds us of Cold War Kids. So. Quite a few bits and bobs going on; again, a bit like us these days. Be sure to check out the rather-trippy video for the track below.

Miasma – Goldberg


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