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10am is what most people would call a reasonable time to have a meeting. The theory is that you’re in the office space by the also-what-normal-people-would-call-reasonable time of 9am, so then you can have [a] and/or sort [your] shit, get all prepped and settled in and whatnot, thereby being ready for the big-boy stuff that the rest of the working day will undoubtedly throw your unsuspecting way (why did you think today was going to be quiet? Eh? You bloody idiot). Basically – yeah, right. Anyone who has worked in this thingy called the music biz, whether at aspiring and/or intern level, or at the most senior-of-senior or made-up-directorship level, has not been to bed before 1am in the last decade (that’s why we all look so fucking cool all the time) and last night was no exception to the rule; hence our 10am’er might as well have been 4am given the physical state we were in (and this was after properly washing our body as well). On the flip-flap, this did mean that we got to fly-by the weird newsagent by the office on the way in; and we refer to it as weird because they sell a greater plethora of bizarre and rare confectionery than Willy Wonka himself (unsurprisingly, a lot of the candy branding involved here is to do with Willy Wonka). This extends into the soft drinks remit as well. For example, did you know that you can get bottles of Jelly Bean Factory branded fizzy pop? Or that there are, in fact, several different types of Lilt. Diet Lilt (that’s an obvious one). Lilt Power (gone the other way from Zero there). We can’t remember the names of any other, but there is more. Lilt’s a bloody great drink, huh? It is also the name of our current Track Of The Day, a rather pop-crossed-with-shoegazey number from a bunch of people from Glasgow who collectively refer to themselves as Life Model. There are about 5 composite members of this outfit from what we can make out via the suitably blurred-out image that we’ve jacked from their Facebook page. Beyond that we of course know very little, other than fully saluting these guys for easing up the fatigue of our Tuesday evening by virtue of this incredibly dream-woven number. Try to imagine a heavily reverbed ensemble comprised of the elements of Jessie Ware, Summer Camp, Beach House and Solange and you’ll arrive pretty closely to what we’re imagining when listening to this.

Life Model – Lilt

This, too, is big.

Life Model – Enough (To Know)

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