Talking helps a lot of things, don’t it? And by gum do we ever enjoy talking. It is often said, or rather was said quite a lot from childhood-school chums Mark and Chris’ (they are real life twins) parents whenever we were in their loft conversion doing things – specifically drinking things and smoking things that we really shouldn’t be putting into semi-permanent form especially on something as far-reaching as, say, the internet – that 15 year old boys generally get up to, that we are heard before we are seen owing to our not-so-unique ability to project our voice with the same amount of vigour as say a nuclear blast and within a similar blast radius. That is to say, we speak a lot and usually quite loudly. We spoke quite candidly with some of our office chums about the various highs, lows, pressures and depressures of what has become our day-to-day. Somewhat surprisingly – and we genuinely are, given that a lot of our office chums are in professional positions that we both envy, respect and look up to all at the same time – the reciprocation rate was at an all time high. Carrying on this talking-about-things theme, let us talk about current Track Of The Day’ers Mozaics with their current Track Of The Day Lights. They are from Jersey. Not the New kind. The Channel Island kind, so it is nicer than usual to rep some solid pop-rock music that we can safely attribute to British sovereignty (there’s a band name for you right there). Give it up for ol’ Blighty. These guys have an EP coming out real soon – with Lights being available from iTunes and that right now – and have been picking up several big ups from the radio world most notably Huw Stephens of Radio 1 fame. Sonically, we are feeling a vocal and mood that we could have sworn used to belong to Silversun Pickups, with the particular addition of an elaborate string section that we also could have sworn belonged to Linkin Park. Yeah, we’re getting pretty teenage-angst about all of this. Chuck into all of that an almost-too-good degree of production that indeed has Radio 1 written all over it, and a further nostalgic sentiment alluding to just how much we’re reminded of a band from Wales that we were all over once upon a time called Man Without Country and you can begin to see why we’re feeling this.

Mozaics – Lights

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  1. Tom

    Really great track. Very radio 1 sounding. Will they be a Killing Moon band? (will i buy able to buy their future releases from you?)

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