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St. Lenox
“Just Friends”

St. Lenox

Sooooooooo, the ol’ VD is coming about. Not that, you filthy-minded so-and-so. Valentine’s Day. The day that you are made to feel so, so shit about not having someone to call your own; or in contrast, the day that you are both emotionally and commercially blackmailed into expressing your deep feels for your loved ones by throwing a bit more money at them than you typically would otherwise. Should you find yourself in the former category, fear not; Ben Soep, in all his eligible bachelor glory, is throwing a “fuck love right in the botty-hole and come celebrate my birthday instead” party at Rowan’s Bowling Lanes/Karaoke Bar on Saturday (we’re sure he doesn’t mind us effectively inviting the world there. Not one bit). As happenstance, we actually took the full 10 minutes out of our hectic schedule yesterday to book a table at a reputable pub/upmarket bistro in the Highgate area (come one, throw us our props for effort there) which sadly befalls at precisely the same time as Benjamin’s Big Birthday Bash, and so we are going to treat the lad to, well, beers and stuff when we all boom it up tomorrow at Heaven to witness Remi Miles do his live thing. Further, Ben has been going on about this guy called St. Lenox for the last week or so which rather conveniently fits into our Valentine’s Day build-up theme in the most antagonistic way possible at this point, aside from being a rather nice pop song in itself. Well done, Ben. You’ve influenced us. Aside from the strong look as prominently displayed above from Mr. Lenox, we can also share that he is based in the hotbed of American cool that is Brooklyn in New York. He also put out some songs in 2014 that we’re only just having the pleasure of listening to. This is a prime candidate to re-work the soundtrack to Napoleon Dynamite, a film we find ourselves quoting frequently over the last two years but have failed to actually watch in that timeframe. Perhaps we should. For musical references, we will cite recent New Moons Vol III includee Daniel Wilson as well as Gnarls Barkley (another prime suggestion from Ben there) and Tracy Chapman as a solid foundation for something that is charming as it is refreshing to listen to.

St. Lenox – Just Friends


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