“Melt”/”To Be A Goth”


We apologise to anyone that we’ve spoken to in the last 48 hours. We’re not pissed off. It’s not you. It’s not even us. It’s fucking everyone else. We’re not sure what happened yesterday, but for reasons unknown and certainly outside our control, everyone in the fucking world decided to email us at precisely the same time. We’d otherwise assume this is payback for the email-virus-hacking thingy that we inadvertently sent out to, well, everyone (it really is incredible how many people are willing to put their intimate and/or personal details into something that they don’t really understand. You’ll literally trust anything. Or perhaps you thought that we really had accidentally sent you a detailed business plan for the forseeable year to login to, in which case, you deserve everything you get) about a month or so ago, but everything seems unrelated on this occasion. On top of that we have Bab’s funeral coming up tomorrow (woo fucking hoo) as well as playing tour manager for the first time in what feels like ages for Mr Remi Miles (come to Heaven on Thursday next week, London. It’ll be real good), and you can appreciate what a world of proverbial pain we’re inhabiting right now. Even looking at Ben’s gormless face isn’t helping. Tell you what is helping though – this spicy twist of an effort from Norwich people CLAWS. They’re loud. They’re bratty. They’re numerous (from what we can tell) with up to four ostensible band members being sighted via our intense internet/Facebook research process which has lasted slightly longer than usual owing to the fact that we can’t really bear to face the rest of our non-diminishing and constantly-growing to-do list that’s staring up at us from our iPad as if it really, really wants us to punch the fucking screen in. In Norwich, these guys and a gal are big-boy shit. They’ve supported similarly noise-merchanty types like Slaves in the past, and will support grunge-pigs Jaws there in the near future. Get out of Norwich and come to London, CLAWS. If only that we can lose ourselves in your surfed-up and scuzzed-out Be Your Own Pet via Purple via Los Campesinos via Andrew WK (YEAYUH) power pop and forget an upcoming weekend that we have been dreading for quite some time.

CLAWS – Melt

CLAWS – To Be A Goth

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