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Premiere: Lea Porcelain
“Similar Familiar”

Lea Porcelain

So. Snow. Woah. We’re pretty glad that this meteorological marvel decided to descend upon us all on a Tuesday as opposed to yesterday, because some clever clogs decided to switch off the automatic thermostat thingamebob over the weekend which basically meant everybody in the entire world spent most of yesterday complaining how fucking cold it was, ourselves included. Seriously, its a miracle that we got anything done whatsoever. All jests aside, we found ourselves more or less heartbroken every time that we ventured out into Camden High Street (a grand total of twice, it was cold y’see) at the sight of a great many people who are sleeping rough in the aforementioned area right now. They’re pretty much screwed huh? We mean, it’s fucking snow and a fair chunk of ice that they’re sleeping in. We did traverse into the office today – admittedly in waddle-formation, mainly because we’re wearing the same pair of converse that we have done since August last year and turns out this is arguably the worst type of footwear you can don yourself in in such adverse conditions – and most of our thoughts turned to whether those people got by throughout the temperature drop last night, and why we don’t ever see those people in the super-filtered instagrams of an otherwise-wintery wonderland. Perhaps now is a good time for a perfect dismount off our near-hypocritical moral high horse and talk about the suited-for-the-mood-we’re-in current Track Of The Day called Similar Familiar. This also happens to be a premiere for new guys Lea Porcelain, and one that we were chatting to the respective man repping it about back in Novemberish/Decemberish sort of time; and we’re happy to do it, given that this has got so much post-punk about it that we feel that we owe our corporate namesake to songs that are pretty much just like this; and, on top of that, this is apparently electronica which we’re pretty into. Information about the band is pretty scarce other than that, and seemingly deliberately so given that the band have deliberately opted for no social networking presence whatsoever. Which is all very cool. The music is, indeed, very cool. As dark and brooding as we are moany and groany, this is surely the next mighty shoegaze anthem in waiting that will almost certainly see this lot touring in the debut sense in churches and other spooked-out locations up and down the land before long. Music-wise, we’re thinking of smooshing together Joy Division with Echo & The Bunnymen (sure) coupled with the modern-downbeatness of The XX. So everything dressed in black basically. Brilliant stuff. Make sure you grab this as a free download while it lasts, which should be a grand total of two weeks.

Lea Porcelain – Similar Familiar

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