“Rock From Afar”


Bit of a mixed bag situation this weekend. Like a goodamn roller-coaster. So much so that we’re breaking our own self-imposed character as of the start of the year to not do any work whatsoever on the weekends, which was beautiful while it lasted. Perhaps we need to write to you lot in order to make sense of everything. On the slight-handed, yesterday consisted of waking up to the most annoying of hangovers following our partake in Bev Burton’s 40th birthday shindig which also saw Ben Soep actually going to Ultimate Power (which fits in nicely with our theme of character-breaking right here. Be no likey the metal y’see, or hair-derivatives therein) – as for us, we skipped down the road to Koko to see Fickle Friends and April Towers do their respective thingies at the aforementioned. It was late; we drank. You get the idea. Saturday daytime, however, was one of cultural refinement and activity, which basically means that we went to see Whiplash (awesome, rad, etc) and we also cooked a pretty kick-ass dinner which we haven’t done in, well, a while. Today was more on the heavy-handed end of things; one week ahead of our grandfather’s funeral, we tended to our late nan’s ashes and the scattering thereof today. Morbid business indeed and not really something we were looking forward to in particular, although we were offsetting any sense of personal dispair against that of our parents in an attempt to stop being so fucking selfish and look after them for a change. Wish us luck right on that. We’re now parked in front of the family living room and concentrating on piling through the heaps of demos that we’ve promised pretty much everyone that we would get around to doing, and surprisingly the atmosphere is one of uplifting jubilance. Everyone is genuinely glad to be around everybody else right now; perhaps aided by an unforeseen sense of closure coupled with optimism that, all things considered, we’re pretty fucking lucky people. On that note, and with a certain sense of dedication to our late grandmother in terms of song nomenclature, here’s current and rather kick-ass Track Of The Day Rock From Afar from Brighton-based Record/Start. Set aside that this guy’s chosen artist persona mirrors that of our favourite and seemingly made-up EDM sub-genre of all time of which there are over 900 recognised, according to Draper) called Stop/Start, there’s not a lot that we aren’t balls-deep in love with as far as this is concerned. He’s called Simon, and he used to be in a band called Carlis StarAs previously mentioned, he’s based in our spiritual musical home of Brighton. He produced and recorded all of this on his larry. He could not encapsulate the punk rocked bratty loserkid nature of Weezer better if he kidnapped Rivers Cuomo and made him write and record Pinkerton all over again, but this time with Waters and Paws thrown into the proverbial mix. He’s releasing this bugger alongside the equally as-hard-rocking b-side Followay on cassette (sure) via the excellently-named Post/Pop label on 20th February, whose website we have just checked out and we’re now going to get way more familiar with them because they talk like we do and generally look rad. Anyway. Shit is good. HOW MUCH FUN WOULD THIS BE LIVE?

Record/Start – Rock From Afar

May as well innit.

Record/Start – Falloway

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