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The Dahmers

S’uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup. Been a busy couple of days huh. What’s that? You wanna KNOW what we’ve been doing? Well, shit man, that’s ALL YOU HAD TO SAY. Well, we went out last night for a bit (only until 2am, it was a school night after all) for a little party we threw in celebration of New Moons: Volume III, which pretty much involved watching United Fruit and Chimes do their respective thingies and then sitting around drinking their beer pretty much before, during and afterwards. That was fun. Our good chum Ally was bounding about, and Jack Alcopop was being all glorious in the wake of making UKIP look like the utter fuckheads that they really are by nicking their website for a bit. What else? We’ve rolled out a rather tasty chunk of live dates for our guy Remi Miles, which is quite nice. Dude sounded happy on the phone just now in lieu of the prospect of getting all sensual and whatnot in front of, well, a lot of people. Finally, we’ve been staring at Ben’s face a lot lately. For those that don’t know, since we moved into our new business home in Camden, the rejiggled desk setup means that our most beloved Scottish laddie is directly opposite us at most of the time. This means that we’re able to stare at him more than we did previously. Watch him. Follow him about a bit. That sort of thing. He likes it, we think. Anyway, on that note, here’s current Track Of The Day Stalker from a band of Swedish men called The Dahmers. We know not what a Dahmer is, whether singular or collective, but on the basis of how these guys are sounding to us right now, we bet it is something really cool. Anyways, these dudes are punk rock as hell. No messin’. By way of background we of course know absolute fuck-all, other than Rob Turnham slung em our way yesterday (and it was lovely to see you briefly yesterday chappy). From what we can tell, these chaps in all their rugged and moustached glory released a collection of songs called Demons some months ago, the nomenclature of which really lends itself to the whole Misfits horror-punk thing they’re going for. And holy shit do we love The Misfits. We also really dig The Buzzcocks via Be Your Own Pet via The Specials sonic delight that this is encapsulating for us right now. Smashing. Also the video is super fucked up, so be sure to check that out.

The Dahmers – Stalker


And this.

The Dahmers – Out Of Here

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