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Active Bird Community
“Million Ways”

Active Bird Community

The weekend arriveth. Sweet relief. We’ve done ourselves in good and proper and in all likelihood in absence of an alarm being set in lieu of regaining consciousness tomorrow at some point, we’re fully down for having the absolutely fucking snooze of a lifetime. You’re welcome to do the same. We figured that we would make the most of it, following the most abrupt of invitations to go and see Slipknot do their thing at Wembley; which may seem unwise under the circumstances of our perpetual man-fluness that’s been doing our nut in for the last week, but there you go. It’s Slipknot. Deal with it. We now share an office with a certain someone on their rather-extensive management team who we bumped into on the tube last night, as a rather nice coinky-dink. That might have had something to do with it. who knows. As consequence, we’ve actually had a bit more time to trawl through potential Track Of The Day’ers in the last couple of hours or so – or, rather, we have given ourselves more time, which is probably the first time we’ve ever written and/or said that – and as fortune would have it here we are talking about the fucking fantastically-named Active Bird Community. They are from New York. There are (going by the above) four of them. They do not sound like Slipknot at all. On the basis of latching our ears onto 21-day-old track Million Ways, these chaps should be much bigger than they currently are. Not in terms of physical size. We’re sure they’re just the right size in that context. Promotionally-speaking, that’s what we’re on about. Lyrically, we’re surprised the traditionally-cited greats like John Lennon or Gary Barlow didn’t come up with Million Ways. Again, they do not sound like either of those two peeps; we’re more running on the tangent that almost instantly you have literary content that could easily be mistaken for one of the all-time classic wordsmitheries, and with any luck that will be the case in the future for these guys. As you can probably tell, we are genuinely struggling once again to come up with anything more concrete in terms of musical references here – that struggle has meant our brain has come up with something between The Lemonheads, Bright Eyes,The Thermals and Johnny Foreigner. We love this. This must soundtrack some sort of teenage heartbreak episode in the next year or so. Have a great weekend and sleep lots.

Active Bird Community – Million Ways

This’ll do as well.

Active Bird Community – After Party

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