“Give Me Over”


Haircut day. We’ve been dreading this for a while and have indeed been putting it off for roughly the same amount of time. Our shadow cast in the Winter morning sun didn’t look much different from that of Darth Vaders as we strode into a brand new place under the recommendation of Ben Soep (we should give a shout out to Hayato on Drury Lane and our (new) man Hiro for sorting us right out). It takes a high degree of trust on our part to let anyone wielding sharp metallic object that close to our head. But Hiro nailed it. We now have the same hairdo as Claire from House Of Cards (which we have been rinsing as of late – series three is starting soon innit, and we had to get Iida up to speed so that she doesn’t bug us or pull her “what’s going on here then?” look when we get stuck into that), which is fine because (a) it looks rad and (b) everyone knows she has a boys haircut anyway. This latest personal accolade coincides with probably the most-relaxed day we’ve had back at work since records began this year, but to put that in context that means that we weren’t run off our goddamn feet all time time today as with previous and likely-subsequent episodes in the sit-com that has become our daily life. Perfect soundtracking has been supplied by this guy/gal/lot Heath. He/she/they is/are from Brighton. He professes t0 make alt-pop music. We will not argue those two points. We discovered him/her/them following them liking several of our social networking posts as of late, which everyone knows means the world to us; upon clicking through to their page, it turns out this is starting to be a big deal bloggy-wise, and Heath has/have started to receive big ups from elsewhere. This is a good sign. The level of masterfulness in the composition and production, coupled with the seemingly-from-nowhere poise of co-ordination that appears to have gone into launching this bugger, suggests that this guy/gal/lot are organised as hell and that’s the kinda shit that gives you (bands, artists, acts, whatever) the edge over everybody else. We bloody love a good plan. Music-wise, we’re seeing this erring on the producer-singer-songwriter stylings of James Blake, the vocal ability and delivery of Fyfe Dangerfield and there’s a little sprog of Imogen Heap within the confines of current Track Of The Day Give Me Over. Get into it.

Heath – Give Me Over

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