“Lower Your Ego”


Announcement City up in here y’all. We were schooled as of late by somebody who wanted to school us in how to handle one’s social media announcements. “The fuck?” we replied, obviously and rather instantly. “Don’t tell us about social media and/or the announcements alluding thereto. We’re the biggest social media whore in town – we’re so whore-ish when it comes to social media that we’ve literally given birth to new social media, such is our resolve to the metaphorical whoredom that we can’t really seem to stop mentioning in several different contexts”. Anyway, we were told that you really shouldn’t post up more than one news item more than once per day, so as to allow the item in question a simmering period during which you can basically make anyone see exactly what you want to see. There’s a fine line between manipulation and inspiration huh? Well, any which way, we’ve broken that supposed rule throughout the majority of our digital life and today is no exception. Remi Miles going on tour, releasing records, that sort of thing. John Joseph Brill going right ahead and doing a BBC Introducing sesh. CHIMES being all BBC Introducing Record Of The Week and what not. It’s all very exhausting. Injecting the necessary of electronically-glazed chill is this guy called Hues. Kristina Altinger of The German Connection fame (she is in fact German, and thus you can see the connection HIIIIYOOOOOOOOOOOOugh) slung this over to our inbox some time ago but because of, y’know, life etc we’ve taken our sweet fucking time getting around to clapping our earholes around this. Perhaps this was the right time, given the context above. The production is most savoury. The vocal courses through the track like a little river of ice-cold calm, a fallacy of sorts for the current London climate for sure. It’s got the moody sombre nature of The XX splurged onto an electronic soundscape that reminds us heavily of One Bit, Duologue, Dems and Deafkid. And we’re on the fifth consecutive listen. This MEANS something.

Hues – Lower Your Ego

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