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The Moon
“Eureka Moment”

The Moon

Well, that’s it. Job done. Well, one of ’em at least. We’ve just done a deal that will keep The Empire out of here forever, or for quite a bit at least. That makes us happy and now we can close the book on about six months’ worth of work, hustling, bustling, bitching and moaning. Way to go, us. Hey, are any of you guys gonna be out at South By South West? We sure as shit are. And Ultra Festival, we’ve never been before. And Coachella; never done that one either. And a whole bunch more that we’re not really supposed to talk about, and if you know us at all you’ll know that this is by far the hardest thing for us to do. Not talk about it, we mean. Our mouth is ever so big. If you’re down at Notting Hill Arts Club tonight, we might bloody tell ya. But for now, let’s talk about The Moon. We like The Moon, name-wise. They’re like our kin. Moon’s a good word. Facts-wise, there’s a bunch we simply do not know other than a couple of people have come up to us this week telling us to just check them the hell out – subsequent 5-second research by way of social media gawping has revealed the following: there are four ladies involved in this outfit playing the music presented to you today; they are based in London. Eureka Moment coupled with the rather striking aesthetic, if we’re putting our cynical hat on, feels like a success story that has had some planning and effort put into it prior to its surfacing. Which is a bloody good thing really, as we like planning quite a lot. If we’re switching our cynical hat for a pretty-normal one, we’re sonically delighted to clap our ears on this one-part The Libertines and Palma Violets and other-part Foe and Scanners debut, and we’re pretty sure most if not all new music fans alluding to the indie-guitar genres will be as well.

The Moon – Eureka Moment

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