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“From Under The Cloud”

Astral Tide

We got absolutely ruddy done by the internet yesterday. Well, our emails did. Our emails and, as consequence all that have sailed in her, succumbed to what appears to be the most pointless virus of all time. We’re not sure how it happened, but we really should have known that something like this would occur on a day when we are very much feeling our age and fell prey to one of the nastiest hangovers that you ever did see – and let that be a lesson to all that dare to go drinking with Vaz, Emma Hogan and John Joseph Brill. They will do you. Also we took an online battering from several hundred people who were kind enough to tell us our emails had been hacked, we were similarly amazed to learn just how many people are prepared to (apparently) put in a great deal of personal information like passwords and that into a form they know very little about only to ask sensible questions later about what the fuck it is. While you’re pondering that, clap your earlobes on this slice of post-punk masterfulness from Berlin guys Astral Tide who seem more than capable of re-energising our already-knackered-this-fucking-early-into-the-year body just ahead of a Friday evening that involves us frolicking with at least two members of Racing Glaciers and so will likely be quite mental indeed. This effort is over six minutes long and we’d imagine it would be incredible to witness this in a live context, which we would further imagine would take place in a dark room with lots of strobe lights and flashing images of, like, art and stuff like that. And a big plume of fire into the ceiling at the end of each snare roll, of which there are quite a lot because, as we have mentioned, this is a six minute song. For references, we’re offering up Joy DivisionSavages, Idles, Wu Lyf and Spectrals. Be grateful for those. Have a most excellent weekend.

Astral Tide – From Under The Cloud

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