We should – and therefore will, of bloody course – stipulate before getting into the proverbial cut’n’thrust of today’s Track Of The Day blatherings that this is one of those rare occasions where Ben Soep actually likes what we are writing about. Something you should know about our beloved Benjamin is that we absolutely love annoying him. Its a personal thing really. He’s going through that thing in one’s mid-20’s where they’re stepping their general life game up, and hence to counter-balance this we are, in turn, stepping our general annoy-the-fuck-out-of-him game. So really its a physics thing as well. Science, y’know? He will be very put out when he sees this, trust. He’s already quite wound up that we put a picture of Scratchy (of Itchy &-fame) doing things to his head on Facebook – doubly so during the writing of this sentence as his dad has just “liked” the aforementioned picture. Anyway. Back to the point. We like these new guys BRITAIN and so does Ben. They are from London. There are two of them – a guy called Joey and a girl called Katie – and they have arrived with not only a name so ungoogle-able that, ironically, it should in time become a household name; but also with music so delightfully constructed, even under the qualification as a rough demo, that we’re quite happy to play this out loud in our new-ish communal office. People are looking up and stuff. Nodding in approval. This is good news for all concerned. BBC Introducing have started picking up on this lot, presumably because they too are digging the creeped-out ethereal guitar tones laced with spooky high-pitched vocals that heavily reminds us of Beach House, The Cure and Port O’Brien. But, what’s this? Ben has something to say about this too! He says, and we quote: “DEFINITELY The Cranberries. They’ll probably kiss you on the mouth if you say that to them [on the blog]. Cos everyone will listen to this and totally go, like, “Oh yeah, it’s the fucking Cranberries“”.

BRITAIN – Constant

Because they’re good and also because Ben loves this so much, here’s the rest of BRITAIN‘s efforts.

BRITAIN – I Love Myself

BRITAIN – Someone Else

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