“Party Talk”/”Running Deep”


Are the best things really saved till the, y’know, last? Based on how this week has gone we might well end up agreeing with whoever the bloody hell thought it was a good idea to mutter that otherwise nonsensical proverb. As in, this is the last week. THE LAST WEEK EVER. Until we decide to open up shop again a couple of weeks later, which will herald in an entirely new set of weeks. And based on what we’re saying right now, the best things won’t happen in those set of weeks; rather the best things will happen much later on. With some rather exciting Remi Miles-based news in the pipeline which of course we cannot wait to exit cryptic-yet-purposeful blog-speak and enter very-specific real-talk about it all, we’re not so unhappy about working during a period that most people in the media seemingly resent by existing given that we should all be chilling the fuck out by now. Anyway, enough blathering. It’s the Killing Moon Friends’n’Family party tonight, and somehow Ben has managed to secure free booze (we’ve been getting chummy with Jack Daniels as of late. Not entirely sure why they like us enough to keep giving us stuff, but that’s cool all the same). It’s going to be great. Given the chilly atmosphere outside, coupled up with the party atmosphere that we’re hopefully going to let rip tonight (it is OUR party, after all), appropriate soundtracking arriveth in formeth (partially, at least) from Leeds duo Polo. We are 90%-ish certain that this is not a new thing to the more music business-minded out of you, our adoring readership, and yes we are basing that on sweating online facts and shitting digital stats. But that’s fine. This is precisely the sort of tastefully put-together and masterfully songcrafted music that we can really get behind, despite that (putting our online cynic hat on) at least in the aesthetic sense that there is a lot of this sort of stuff Hype Machining its way around the world. So it is therefore good, and has the capacity to be popular (we’re taking our stupid hat off now). Ain’t nowt in the wrong’un there (we’ve been sitting next to Bev Burton for the best part of two weeks now and her northern accent is starting to take hold of our very essence and soul). Take all the best bits of Laurel, Salt Ashes, Alpines, and the more inventive moments of AlunaGeorge and you’ll hopefully hear and see what we are hearing and seeing in regards to this rather exciting duo.

Polo – Running Deep


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