Safe to say that weekend was a complete and utter write-off. Save for one or two last-minute work-related panics and and subsequent moans about this, that, and of course the other (although this is fairly standard practice for our weekends), we really didn’t do that much at all. Sons & Lovers/Money For Rope/Ally McCrae fucked us at Koko. Not literally, of course. That would be bad, and possible harking back to a much darker time that plagued the wider entertainment industries. Gosh, we really do have our foot in our mouth right now. No, dear readership, what we meant to say was that we became so jubilant, partied so hard, and drank so much at the latter half of our two-party boom-up Christmas bashes during the various sets of the aforementioned that we barely saw the light of day during Saturday. That is we woke up; pretended that we had ordered a kebab for delivery as opposed to the burrito that we had really ordered; managed to muster the energy to let our ladyfriend into the flat amongst coming under fire from both her and our flatmate Tim (the former for not letting her in quickly enough, and the latter for pretending to order a kebab); watched a bit of Talladega Nights before fixing to have a nap around 4pm – only to wake again at 9pm. It was probably all for the best. Leaving a very noir-style mentality in our heads and ears upon our gradual return to a semblance of what we imagine most people would call normality are a band called Deco. Deco, according to legend, is a type of architectural artistic expression – another being nouveau. In the scuba diving context, as we all know, it also can mean decompression, which is what you have to do in order to prevent getting The Bends which makes you go all fucking crazy or something. There are also one or two other definitions floating about online, but in this instance we shall take it to mean four chaps from Staffordshire who like playing dance-orientated indie rock, as exemplified by current Track Of The Day Spain. Shit is cool. This reminds us of similar stuff from a few years back when we were still reeling from the latter glory days of our university career when nu-rave was actually considered to be a real thing and alongside this you had bands like Bloc Party that made dance music sort-of palatable to people like ourselves, who at the time found dance music quite offensive and rather bland (please bear in mind that we were, and arguable still are, learning about different types of music on a daily basis and we will plead the arrogance of our youth in defence of all this nonsense). Anyway, music trends go up, down, left, right and around again in constant revolutions whereby things that were popular back in the proverbial day probably will be in years to come once “the kids” get bored and/or grow out of whatever the fuck they’re into at that point. Anyway, all that aside, Deco are really quite great. They’ve recently been witnessed cruising stages alongside the likes of our boys Racing Glaciers and someone-else’s-boys Coasts on their tour just gone, and have even more recently surfaced the clip for Spain which is starting to get pick-up from those Blog FM’ers Amazing Radio as well as securing big ups from 6Music for previous offerings. It reminds us of classic indie disco – we’re talking Canterbury, Morning Parade, and Two Door Cinema Club – and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.


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