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Moon King

What an incredible weekend. We actually did stuff. During the day, we mean. It was fucking incredible. Usually around this time of year we’re somewhat full of moan and/or groan, lamenting at the things we still lack and questioning why we’re even doing half the things that we like to be known to go about doing. Some say that this happens towards the end of any particular year; getting all reflective and shit. Perhaps due to purposefully taking a step back from things we are able to appreciate things that we otherwise may have found a drag in the past. Like the Independent Label Market. For the last two or three years, we have had a stall there every time. Gotta keep up appearances, look legit, etc. For reasons pertaining very much to the personal, namely that we simply couldn’t be arsed (sorry, Independent Label Market people. If you’ll have us in the summer we’ll go again then, but we’re just really tired and needed a break), we went as a punter which for all honest accounts was a lot more fun. We got to wonder about like everyone else; drink some (free) beer (thanks Chris/Fullers crew); chat (a lot) of shit with everyone (thanks, everyone), which gave us the opportunity to finally unveil some big news to those we would quite like to know our big news. All this faffing about has very little to do with why we are writing about Moon King today. Perhaps they had a good weekend as well? We hope they did anyway. Moon King appear to be a duo from Toronto and whilst we’re assuming they played the not-so-recently-past M For Montreal (or perhaps still-quite-recent, according to Ben Soep who claims that he is still jetlagged from the event a good week following it) event, we haven’t quite got around to checking that particular accolade. Well, we say they’re a duo, but that might directly contradict the image depicting at least three live participants above. See, its our attention to detail that you love about us huh? Anyway, this sounds as equally futuristic in terms of production as it is retrospective in terms of the fabric of current Track Of The Day Almost Blue‘s composition. That is, to say, it sounds as modern as Beach House, Dom or Carousel but also as 80’s  as The Cure and/or The Cult. Which to us spells Drive soundtrack gold. For those reasons and many, many more, we love this. Love it too.

Moon King – Almost Blue


Moon King – Appel

Moon King – Icarus

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